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  1. Plural of habit


  1. third-person singular of habit

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Habit may refer to:
  • Habit (psychology), an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically
  • Habituation, non-associative learning in which there is a progressive diminution of behavioral response probability with repetition of a stimulus
  • An act done repeatedly, sometimes unconsciously (such as a tic), sometimes for leisure (such as a hobby)
  • Crystal habit, as it applies to the typical appearance of minerals
  • Religious habit, a distinctive dress worn by the members of a religious order
  • Riding habit, riding clothes worn for hunting or for exhibition
  • Habit (biology), the instinctive actions of animals and the natural tendencies of plants
  • Habit (film), a 1997 vampire-themed psychodrama
  • "Habit" (song), a song by Pearl Jam
  • Habit evidence, term used in the law of evidence

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